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Layering in R for Oracle Data

NZ kiwi #1

NZ kiwi #1

The GGPLOT2 package for R, developed by Hadley Wickham, is preferred by many for it’s greater flexibility and range of graphing options. Here’s a tutorial explaining it’s capabilities and here’s the online documentation for the package.     Continue…

Visualizing Oracle data: Tree Maps

tree of languages, indo-european

tree of languages, indo-european

I recently wrote about the R statistics and graphics platform, and introduced it as a way to do further analytics or visualizations for data from Oracle databases. This article will take a look at a graphical idea called tree maps. They are an extension of the more basic visualization technique: heat maps.     Continue…

R with Oracle

r1The data presentation graphic at right, and many of those sprinkled throughout this article (click them for better resolutions), are highlights from an enthusiast’s gallery which have been produced by the R statistical software package. R is an open-source programming language and environment which has gained much popularity among academics who want to apply statistical methods     Continue…

Deletion Insurance

If you have some experience, the topic of deleting consequential data automatically brings to mind optional safety measures in case things go wrong. The recent article concerning data deduplication is a good example. What if — I didn’t test my DELETE code enough and a snafu occurs? What if — I have to retrieve some or all of the deleted rows after the fact? What if — I want to keep the deleted rows (or partial rows) available on the side for inspection for awhile?     Continue…