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Venn Diagrams of DB-land circa 2012

Alex Popescu recently unearthed two charts depicting the Database landscape at his interesting blog. They are Venn diagrams, which are reproduced below. The first is sourced from InfoChimps, and the second, which is more complete, is taken from a research slide from The 451 Group. Enjoy.     Continue…

BD defined

Big Data is data which exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems.
~ Edd Dumbill, O’Reilly Press

If you’re not into sound-byte aphorisms, you could try reading this for starters.

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Cloudy PaaS/IaaS Concepts

True or False? If your company buys into a cloud provider for deployment of a big new database-driven business app, you will not have to incur new hardware costs or increase your on-premises rackspace consumption. You probably will be able to enjoy simpler or reduced software licensing as well, right? …POP goes the cloud-in-a-box!     Continue…