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Oracle Highest Ranked DB Engine?

DB-engines.com database buzz ranking for march 2014 -- click to enlarge

DB-engines.com database buzz ranking for march 2014

The DB-engines.com website, which measures how germane almost 200 separate databases are in the current marketplace (including the market of ideas) has had Oracle ranked #1 for many consecutive months now. Their online graphic seems to depict a world in which Oracle is dominant, and by a large margin. What is even more impressive is that the #2-ranked engine is MySQL, also an Oracle product these days, followed by #3-ranked SQL Server from Microsoft. The gap between these three front-runners and the rest of the pack is considerable.     Continue…

12c Marketing Slideshows

CaptureCapture4These gallery images are taken from a series of seven slide shows accompanying the recent Oracle IOUG marketing tour introducing the design intentions for the new 12c database release. The slideshows are viewable as PDFs below; the seven topics are as follows:     Continue…

12c Debut Impressions

12c dog & pony show freebie

12c dog & pony show freebie

June 25 was the official first availability day for Oracle’s new multi-tenant release of it’s database. The slogan for this release is “Plug into the Cloud”. The companion enterprise manager, EM 12c, became available one week later. Oracle is conducting a multicity user group tour of one day marketing shows to unveil 12c consisting of a half dozen or so slick slide presentations given mostly by longtime Oracle hands. I attended the recent one in Ottawa and this post details some of my impressions.     Continue…

Probing Oracle’s NoSQL Agenda

mariadb logomysql logoThere’s been media noise of late around the question of Oracle’s intentions (some would say laziness) concerning keeping it’s acquired MySQL database product relevant within the BD website backend niche. Two topics of conversation arise: the contest between MySQL and newcomer MariaDB in this arena, and the re-positioning going on concerning Oracle’s own flagship database regarding NoSQL and Big Data.     Continue…

Has v.3 Exadata Turned the Corner?

X3 evolution

X3 evolution

Oracle’s Exa-line of database machines have taken their share of lumps in the press since their splashy debut several years ago. Might this be the year during which version 3 of the high capacity high price high ad-hype box either catches on or fizzles out? There have been well publicized flame wars between Oracle and IBM, and Oracle and SAP within this database-in-memory niche. Whenever the arguing has gotten more technically explicit, predictably, Oracle, IBM and SAP guys came out in favor of their home teams with their reasoned stats.     Continue…

Oracle and Eloqua

oracleplane2 SFOracle recently announced it’s agreement to acquire Eloqua, an analytic cloud marketing resource, for $871M, to be completed during the first six months of 2013. Eloqua employs about 400 people, mostly in northern Virginia, and is about 13 years old.

What does Eloqua do?
Here’s a recent mission capsule voiced by CEO, Joe Payne and CTO, Steve Woods as part of a joint statement on the occasion of the acquisition announcement, which appeared on Eloqua’s corporate press blog.     Continue…

AWS Pricing for Oracle Instances, circa 2013

thumb-tco_of_awsRemember when envisioning a new server or Oracle license purchase meant detailed sizing exercises, CRUD diagrams, and negotiating with other departments? Now you can just cloud prototype your application surprisingly cheaply. 4 cents an hour for the minimum configuration! You can even entertain the notion of letting your app’s entire life cycle unfold in the clouds, with Amazon Web Services (AWS).     Continue…

Exadata Speed Claims Exaggerated?

withdrawn ad from july 2012

withdrawn ad from july 2012

Oracle’s recent ad guarantee of $10M against not finding at least a 5-fold performance increase over IBM database machine hardware has been discredited by NAD, the National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau. This was in response to a complaint filed by IBM.

ReadWriteWeb has a summary article describing three such Oracle advertising snafus during 2012 while also claiming that the company’s hardware sales have been underwhelming.     Continue…

Cloudy PaaS/IaaS Concepts

True or False? If your company buys into a cloud provider for deployment of a big new database-driven business app, you will not have to incur new hardware costs or increase your on-premises rackspace consumption. You probably will be able to enjoy simpler or reduced software licensing as well, right? …POP goes the cloud-in-a-box!     Continue…