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12c Marketing Slideshows

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CaptureCapture4These gallery images are taken from a series of seven slide shows accompanying the recent Oracle IOUG marketing tour introducing the design intentions for the new 12c database release. The slideshows are viewable as PDFs below; the seven topics are as follows:

         • 12c Keynote: Plug into the Cloud
         • Multitenant DB: Easy Consolidation
         • ADO: Automatic Data Optimization
         • DBaaS with Exadata and 12c
         • 12c Security from the Inside Out
         • Maximizing Availability: 12c HA
         • Oracle Enterprise Manager with 12c

w h i t e s p a c e

Release 12c of the Oracle flagship database is available for download now, along with the new 12c version of the Enterprise Manager (EM) toolset.


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