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Exploring Analytic Functions : an Iterative Approach

Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi

Suppose some quixotic HR evangelist fresh off a stint of social aid work in Malawi is pushing the bombastically non-Libertarian idea of normalizing compensation patterns within departments as follows: employees who have high tenure seniority contrasted with low salary ‘seniority’ will receive pay adjustments. This is the sort of question that can be explored with Oracle’s analytic SQL functions.     Continue…

Set Operators in SQL


E.F. ‘Ted’ Codd

Relational database design has strong roots within Set Theory, as can be seen in the seminal work of E.F. Codd more than 40 years ago. Most people recall encountering Venn diagrams during their school days, a pictorial excursion into this realm. Codd codified his relational ideals into a series of well-known rules, which represent an extreme case, not taking account of the often necessary pragmatic or performance reasons for selective denormalization. But his principles are still instructive and serve as a starting point for designing business schemas.     Continue…