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BD and Libertarianism

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“Data doesn’t invade people’s lives. Lack of control over how it is used does.”
~ Alistair Croll

I came across this quote, sensible as it is, while the gun control debate is re-energized due to current tragedies in the news, and can’t help but see the parallels with ‘guns don’t kill people’.

Some BD analysts see improved control taking shape by enacting stricter silos for social network data usage. Examples are limiting Amazon’s musical preference graphs explicitly to marketing use for targeted music ads, or ceding ownership of personal medical and health data to individual health consumers. How well this could be enacted or agreed to is a big question.

Meanwhile, opinions fly and schemes abound in the arena of applying technology to social problems. In connection with U.S. gun control, a recent proposal has generated lots of pro and con. As a not unrelated aside, check out this illustration of a reddening neck; compare the skin hues at 0:31 and 7:45! Piers Morgan interviews automatic weapon advocate Joshua Boston.

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